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Healing methods – Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is not a treatment in respect to medical or physical therapy, but a purely spiritual activity. Our contributors and coworkers are neither medical doctors nor naturopaths and do not guarantee healing. Healing by means of the spiritual powers of the mind does not substitute medically prescribed medications or therapies.

At the San Esprit® center different techniques of spiritual healing are employed. Primarily we work with amazinGRACE®, a spiritual cure in provable form that visibly unfolds in the shortest amount of time and without manipulation of the patient’s body. Utilizing this method, lots of help-seekers have made great experiences.

From case to case, we are combining healing techniques from different sources according to the needs of our patients. We also cooperate with alternative practitioners and physiotherapists to obtain the best results for those seeking help. The objective of our work is the removal of all mental, spiritual and physical blockades.

Some of the various methods of spiritual healing are:

  • Spiritual-energetic healing by touching with the hands or transfering energy without touching
  • Straightening the spinal chord
  • Spiritual healing by prayer
  • Spiritual healing by cleaning the aura in order to remove deep-rooted traumas and patterns from our energy field

Because of the splendid healinging successes and the experiences at our place, both cured persons and people on their way to their own healthiness feel inspired to learn this art. Therefore, we gladly pass on our knowledge and our initiations.

The Center for spiritual healing San Esprit® is the first and – up to now – the only clinic for spiritual healing in Germany. What in Britain is not uncommon since long time can finally happen in our country too. We are very grateful to have this avenue and do our best forchance and give our best to every visitor.

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