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Energy Healing Methods

Energy healing is not a treatment in respect to medical or physical therapy, but a purely energetic activity. Our contributors and coworkers are neither medical doctors nor naturopaths and do not guarantee healing. Healing by means of the energetic powers of the mind does not substitute medically prescribed medications or therapies.

At ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT different techniques of energy healing are employed, but we primarily work with amazinGRACE®, an energetic healing method with a glorious reputation of visible, instantaneous results, that does not require massaging or applying pressure to the patient’s body. Utilizing this method, many of those seeking treatment have experienced miraculous results.

On a case to case basis, we combine healing techniques from different sources according to the needs of our patients. We also cooperate with alternative practitioners and physiotherapists to obtain the best results for those seeking help. The objective of our work is the removal of all mental obstructions of energy which may be causing ailment.

Some of the various methods of energy healing are:

  • Energetic healing with hands-on transferring of energy, also possible without touching
  • Straightening the spinal cord
  • Cleaning the aura, using energy to remove deep-rooted traumas and patterns from the clients’ energy field

Because of the splendid healing successes and experiences at ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, many people who have received treatment, as well as those who have witnessed it, often feel inspired to learn this art. Therefore, we gladly give initiations and pass on our knowledge.

What has long been commonplace in Britain is now possible here: SAN ESPRIT is the original clinic for energy healing in Germany. We are very grateful to have the ability to offer our healing arts through both treatments and teaching.

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