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You want to become a healer for yourself? Are you a healer already and want to improve your powers and techiques healer? Or you are already a healer and wish to enhance your powers and to expand your techniques?

amazinGRACE® is spiritual healing in provable form, taking place in the shortest amount of time without manipulation of the human body.

amazinGRACE® starts to work at the base of human existence, where its healing powers are needed just where the healing force is needed most.

The spinal column is the primary systemsupporting element of our skeleton. It is responsible for the complex transmission of neural information and chemical messengers between the brain and the executing organ. It is the bearerorgans. It is the carrier of prenatal patterns and serves as our principal energy canal. The main canalchannel. In Sanskrit, this principal energy channel within our spinal column is called „shushumna“, all human “karma” is deposited there.

By impulses of the healing grace mental relicts (karmic relicts) are allowed to disintegrate. The patient experiences a new sens of body awareness. He will have gained a freedom that enables him to find a new conciousness and spiritual growth.

On the physical level patients experience their spinal column straigthening itself in the blink of an eye in a magnificent way. In this way physical pains and the impacts on our organic system like chronic illnesses can be treated and often completely cured.

Often, patients during their amazinGRACE® sessions feel how their organs arefeel how their organs shift back to their places and how painful jointsand how painful joints and limbs become fully moveable and painless.

amazinGRACE® re–establishes the free flow of energy and removes psychicalmental blockades. This reveals itself with an immediate, perceptible change of the body.

With the recreated free flow of energy, even insistent,persistent, destructive thinking patterns and behaviours can be removed. With amazinGRACE®, even traumata traumas from earlier lives and entanglements up to the sixt generation of the root family can be resolved.

With recurring amazinGRACE® impulse treatments, it is also possible to successfully cure difficult emotional disorders like depressions or obsessive-compulsive disorders.

It can rightfully be stated that amazinGRACE® has a comprehensive healing effect that does not even stop at incurable diseases.

But amazinGRACE® is also a strong help in situations of crisis like divorce, grieving, when handling existential threats and in palliative care, because it liberates from fears, and helps people to reestablish the connection to their own inner power by the experience of the grace.

The energy of amazinGRACE® is the power that amplifies all other healing techniques and thus turns the healer into a miraculous healer.

There is nothing more beautiful and reasonable than to act wonders through the direct connection to healing powers of the grace.

Watch our slideshow that handles the impact on the body during the first amazinGRACE® therapy session.

After that, read the following statements on the results of amazinGRACE® therapy.

„A true miracle has happened!“ It’s hard to believe if you haven’t seen it for yourself! Long-time back disorders have vanished! Cervical spine problems are gone. And additionally, a long existing fear of driving is gone as well – now I get into my car and drive home untroubled and secure as if I never had any troubles before. Thank you, thank you for the grace and the gift that I was able to recieve.” (Mrs. M. from Schliersee)

This is my disease pattern:

  • strong pain because of two stiff vertrebrae (BW5+6) after a tumor operation on the spinal column in 1985.
  • reduction of the mobility of one hand after a radius fracture in 2006, in connection with strong pains in the wrist and one thumb
  • restless-legs syndrome
  • headaches for the last 37 years, at the end therapied by the intake of  „Dolormin extra forte“ twice a day.
  • sciatic pain syndrome for the last 24 years
  • In the last 30 years, frequent insomnia, sleep was disrupted by at least four walks to the bathroom, bedding was only endurable with the help of pillows between the knees, and the affected hand under the thorax.
  • Great anxiety, frequently in connection with childhood traumas and the fear of possible recurrence.
  • Stiffenings on the whole body.
  • Insecurities

This is my healing:
Right after my first amazinGRACE® session on the 21th of September 2007, I was merely happy and simply wanted to sleep in sweet exhaustion.

  • The whole body felt and still feels soft, the once stiffened body became loosened up, the restless-leg syndrome has vanished. The following night I was able to sleep at last, even without my „parade of pillows“
  • Since then, I walk with a straight back again and obviously seem to different and vibrant that people often ask what has happened to me.
  • The pains I had for several years only reappear from time to time, and do not reach the intensities of earlier times. This only happens if I weigh myself down too much. And as soon as they appear they vanish again.
  • It feels like a whole new life!
  • The fears of the past are far away today. Conflicts I’ve had with my passed-away parents that have been haunting me for a long time no longer stress me. Everything that has occurred in the past was good just the way it was. It even seems as if these things have never happened.
  • My soul is protected and can no longer be shaken up by outer attacks that weighed me down before.
  • The responsibility for my life is now in my hands, and no longer controlled by others.
  • Every additional session intensifies my healing process and the perception of my soul. Every new morning, I am looking forward to the new day and often find myself smiling, whistling or singing.
  • I am set free on every level.
  • Eight years of therapy by alternative medicine did not have even a small fraction of the effects that I witnessed through amazinGRACE® (Mrs. H. from Munich)

Tumor gone:
In January of 2008 I started my therapy at the San Esprit Center. My complaints were strong back pains that I’ve had for two years without any recess, when I was lying down as well as when I was sitting. Later I’ve had a tumor in the large intestine that caused me lots of pain. This tumor reached a diameter of 2,8 x 2,5 cm.

Already during the first therapy session with Mrs. Müller, I immediately felt that something had changed. My back pains continued for about a week, after that they vanished completely.

In the second therapy session, Mrs. Müller focussed on my intestine. During this session I again felt something changing. The pains immediately lessened. An ultrasonic test two weeks later showed that the tumor had shrunken to a size of 1,7×1,4 cm and was about to disintegrate. The examining doctor was very suprised and said that this was basically impossible.

Since the second session, I’ve been painless and have no more grievances
(Nyuzo, Elisabet,  Munich, 03.04.2008)

No more back or kneepain:
For more than two years, I have now been enjoying the great treatments at the San Esprit center. No orthopedist, ostepoath or chiropractor was able to help me with my longstanding back and knee pains before.

Then I came to the San EspritCcenter. Right after the first therapy session I noticed a gigantic improvement. The back pains were gone almost completely. Additionally, I was no longer as tired as I was before and I felt better overall. In the second therapy session, I had no pains at all. The following treatments were a great success: knee, hallux valgus, nausea, lumbago and the distance therapy. I have become a new, healthy and happy person. I can wholeheartedly state my recommendation. (K. Schumanski)

As a healer, you can cure the following diseases with high probability: chronic fatigue, asthma and allergies, migraine, neck and back pains, depressions, all kinds of chronic diseases in the whole organ system, acute inflammations; You can use your powers and your knowledge to treat and prevent all kinds of back problems like hermiated vertrebral discs, trappeed spinal nerves, pains in the hip and knee joints as well as on life-threatening and so-called incurable diseases.

Degenerative results of diseases can of course not be reverted although even in such cases, an abatement of complaintscould be achieved.

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