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Energy Healing: The Power of the Mind

Statistics in Germany show that energy healing is increasingly gaining importance. They show that more than 65% of Germans would be willing to turn towards energy healing if no other help was available.

Harald Wiesendanger supports this claim in his book: “Das Große Buch vom Geistigen Heilen“ (The Great Book of Healing through the Mind). Wiesendanger has his doctorate and studied sociology, philosophy, and psychology.

Energy healing has the ability to help those who are ill when conventional, western medicine cannot. It has many advantages, including: being risk-free, there is no potential for injuries due to uncertain operations, and no dangerous side effects from chemical intake.

Even though it may not be scientifically recognized, energy healing can achieve astonishing results. We have recorded innumerous cases where those seeking treatment have experienced relief and even complete healing with our own techniques of energy healing. Studies on energy healing are mentioned in Dr. Wiesendanger’s book, it states that persistent pains have diminished after only a few sessions, and even inexplicable, spontaneous remissions have been reported.

Near lake Chiemsee, Germany our skillful healers at ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT provide treatment for malfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, as well as chronic, and “incurable” diseases with the several methods of healing offered. Root causes of disorders can often be removed in one single energy healing session.

Our treatments take place mainly at ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, although home visits, remote healing sessions, and animal treatments are also available.

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