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Training Offer:

International School for Energy Healing Arts offered by École San Esprit


Objective: to become an amazinGRACE® therapist

Everyone has inner healing powers and subconsciously carries the potential to successfully utilize these skills. The student only needs the proper teaching in order for their potential to be realized and developed. Our teaching includes various energy bindings and an instruction on healing techniques of different origins.

By the end of this education the healer will have found their own unique way of healing, independent of any one school or technique.

Along with the training and experience offered at ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, a change of awareness occurs. After experiencing the miracles that can be achieved through amazinGRACE®, you will undergo an expansion of consciousness. You will come to realize that every healing you offer and every sickness you encounter is constructive to your learning, and not something entirely terrible. The final objective is to enable the healers to cure even the most severe illnesses in their clients by making use of their own, new connection to the highest powers of healing.

More information on trainings offered in English can be found at http://greatmystery.org

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