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Training offer

Two year part-time vocational training to be a spiritual healer with the motto:
Do not think: „God is in my heart“; think: „I am in the Lords‘ heart “heart of God“

Objective: amazinGRACE® therapist

Every human being has inner healing powers and carries a subconscious potential of several skills within himself. Both are to be detected and developed.

After various energy bindings and an instruction on healing techniques of different origins, the healer will, by the end of his education, finally have found his own special way of healing, independent from any schools or techniques

Along with the training and the experience, a change of awareness happens. The healer will understand that illness must not necessarily be something evil but can be understood as a way to God by means of the healing.

The final objective is to enable the healer to cure even a severe ill patient completely by connecting with the highest powers of healing.

Two year part-time vocational training

Eight extended weekends, distributed over two years, about one session every three months, with the option of extracurricular meetings. A training far from esoteric euphoria, nevertheless not excluding the possibility of miraculous healings.


  • deleting diagnoses (self-fulfilling prophecy)
  • deleting allergies
  • exporting heavy metals
  • exporting disturbances caused by radiation
  • removal of karmic blockades
  • removal of prenatal blockades
  • reprogramming of the life matrix
  • distant healing
  • delayed healing impulses (both in the past as well as in the future)
  • long-time distant healing
  • therapeutic conversation
  • production and use of spiritual medic – A – ments
  • healing with spiritual helpers
  • healing with crystals
  • extending of the sensual perceptions (clairvoyance,aura seeing, perception of bodily organs, mind-reading)
  • amazinGRACE® – order of the aura
  • contacts to the hereafter – if  desired
  • firewalking – if desired
  • YagnaSan® = a vedic ritual, a method for healing, self-healing and for healing the proximity
  • Clearise® – dejamming the home, flat and the workplace, converting tap-water to dextrorotary healing water, removing of alien energies

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