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Center for spiritual healing,

clinic for spiritual healing

and healer school


Appointments in California you can find here. Appointments in Mallorca/Spain you can find here.


Our estate is located within a park of 8000 square metres with a magnificient population of old trees.

The entire property and all its buildings are cleared by Clearise® and thus protected against negative radiations of all kinds. Here you will find the optimal energetic conditions for your recovery even during a stay of several days at SAN ESPRIT with intensive treatments.

Our house, with its pleasant athmosphere provides a comfortable setting for events and workshops.Our taseteful rooms can be rented for your own projects. Together with your your participants you can enjoy intermissions at the open fire, in the conservatory or have a barbecue in summer at our cosy pavillion with a spectacular view over the pictoralpittoresque landscape.

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