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What we do?

Besides our main technique amazinGRACE®, we offer the whole gamut of proven methods of Spiritual Healing

These techniques comprise the deletion of diagnoses, removal of radiation and disturbances, removal of karmic and prenatal blockades. Our range of services also comprises delayed healing impulses, reprogramming of the life matrix, therapeutic conversations, healing meditations as well as instruction to self-help. We also offer sessions with acoustic oscillations, sounds, aura surgery, healing rituals, healing by crystals, healing at the transformation level and much more.

The area of the facility is divided in the two main departments, the outpatient and the inpatient unit. Besides intensive energetic sessions of multiple hours with guests residing at our house, ambulant treatments also take place at our house. We cover the whole gamut of therapies of spiritual healing for both acute and chronic conditions.

After your arrival at our place you will receive after a personal talk your own individual session plan.

Spiritual Healing – Help for self-help
In 2004, the prohibition of practicing merely Spiritual Healing was legally lifted. In a model lawsuit, the Dachverband Geistiges Heilen e. V. (DGH, German Association of spiritual healing) has obtained a decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court, stating that for Spiritual Healing an approval according to the German Law on Alternative practitioners (Heilpraktikergesetz) is not required. Spiritual healing is not a treatment in respect to medical or physical therapy, but a purely spiritual activity. Spiritual Healing helps to activate the powers of self-healing.

We cooperate with natural health professionals, conventional medical practitioners and physiotherapists
Upon request of the guests, physiotherapists or natural health practitioners come to our house for body therapy and making diagnoses. You can receive special massages such as Rolfing or reflexology and also acupuncture and osteopathy by external therapists. A neighbouring nursing service can provide nursing if needed and settle the costs with your health insurance.

We operate our own school for Spiritual Healing
Because of the splendid healing successes and the experiences at our place, both cured persons and people on their way to their own healthiness feel inspired to learn this art. Therefore, we are happy to pass on our knowledge and our initiations.

We own a comprehensive library of informative and helpful literature
Far away from distracting and disturbing influences such as television, telephone or computers or guests again find the time and leisure to read.

We also provide long-time care
To put the guests of our house back on their feet even in case of adverse fate, to make them physically and mentally fit and productive and to reintegrate them into their social environment – that is the attempt of our the healers and therapists within the scope of a long-term care with distant healings. By this the guest has an elevated chance to preserve the experienced improvements he after he has returned home. An intensive stay at VILLA SAN ESPRIT raises a person to a permanent higher state of oscillation, allowing the powers of self-healing to completely unfold. By means of aftercare in form of distant healing we keep these oscillations on a high level to maintain the achieved state until the entire system of body, mind and soul has deeply embedded itself in its new state. To widely eliminate negative environmental influences such as electric smog in everyday environment, we also energetically clear houses, flats and workspaces. In doing so, we employ a method we call Clearise®.

This term is composed of the two English words Clear and Rise. At first we clear the direct environment from negative frequencies and subsequently raise the level of oscillation level to a stage that is beneficial to the physical, mental and psychic health. The effect caused by this method is permanent and also results in a noticeable positive change of the tap water.

Cooperation with conventional medicine is self-evident for us
We do not ask our guests to stop or abandon medically prescribed medication or therapies.

We are open to new healing methods and healers
All serious methods that have proven to be effective can be applied at our place.

We offer you to participate in events at our house
Health trainers, spiritual teachers and guest healers organize evenings with different contents such as Healing meditation, Yoga, Pilates as well as discussion groups and lectures. As a guest you are cordially invited to all these events.

We operate a high-quality consultancy service of spiritual healers
To care for our guests at the highest quality level, we closely cooperate with internal counsellors and healers that partially are abroad or travelling, who, if necessary can also contribute by means of distant healing. That way we are able to provide a tailor-made healing programme for every guest.

We host and treat foreign guests too
Most of our team members speak multiple languages, among them: German, English, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, Albanian and Ukrainian. On our websites www.san-esprit.de and www.amazingrace.de you will find information in English, French and Portuguese language too..

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