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Our Philosophy

There is no guarantee for healing, not even within the scope of therapy concepts of conventional medicine. Spiritual Healing, however, can contribute to success when it comes to alleviate or stop severe illnesses by the powers of the mind and divine grace.

It is our aim to bring back into harmony body, mind and soul by means of Spiritual Healing and to mobilize the powers of self-healing. In doing so, quality assurance and control as well as the confirmation of these supportive healings by the attending conventional medical practitioner is an integral part of our philosophy.

At our house we attempt to assure an optimal care for every single guest by inter- or multidisciplinary cooperation of professionals, each one on his respective field of Spiritual Healing.

This claim is the guiding principle our daily acting at the VILLA SAN ESPRIT. The direction of the house that works in team spirit with the staff faces this challenge and responsibility every day. We take every chance to heal – as small as it may seem to be.

At VILLA SAN ESPRIT we leave the pathways of conventional medicine and complement them by the healing forces of the mind.

Our services:
With our team and a multidisciplinary network of spiritual healing professionals we offer concepts that complement conventional medicine at every stage.

Our philosophy:
By responsible team work, an optimal, individually tailored care for every single guest is guaranteed.

Our aim:
To constantly optimize the holistic care of our guests by Spiritual Healing in cooperation with conventional and alternative medical practitioners.

Our motto:
To put back into harmony body, mind and soul is the fundament of Spiritual Healing that mobilizes the powers that bring recovery.

Our success:
At our place, our guests feel comfortable and relieved, they profit from the idyllic location of the house as well as from the concentrated care and attention by Spiritual Healing.

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