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Spiritual healing means:
Health by means of the power of the mind

Spiritual healing gains in importance increasingly is increasingly gaining importance. According to the established writer Dr. Wiesendanger, more than 65% of germans would be willing to turn towards spiritual healing if no other help was available.

Spiritual healing can help ill people when mainstream medicine cannot show effects provide help for ill people where conventional medicine alone has reached a dead end. Its advantage is being free of risks: no more injuries due to failed operations, no dangerous side effects from intaking chemicals.

Spiritual healing can achieve astonishing results, even though it is not accepted scientifically. scientifically accepted. Inumerous help-seeking people have experienced relief and even healing by techniques of spiritual healing. Studies on spiritual healing are mentioned in the book: „Das Große Buch vom Geistigen Heilen“. It can be read, for example, that persistent pains demonstrabily abated after a few sessions, and inexplicable spontaneous remissions are reported.

The center SAN ESPRIT® near the Chiem not far from Lake Chiemsee provides competent support on dysfunctions of the muscoskeletal system as well as on chronical and so-called incurable diseases with the help of severalby means of different methods. Basic causes of disorders can often be removed with one single therapy session.

Our treatments take place mainly at the Center San Esprit®. Home-visits, distant healing sessions and animal treatments complete our portfolio.

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